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All of us strive to look our best for every occasion. Whether you need to get your work wardrobe back into neat and tidy shape or you want to have a dress or suit tailored for a special event, you need a dry cleaning team that will provide you with a level of service beyond compare. At Hanneck Cleaners & Shirt Laundry, we believe that freshly laundered clothes and other products can bring a sense of order and cleanliness to your life that can’t be matched. When you’re ready for a never-before-seen level of clean, work with the leading cleaning, alteration, and tailoring professionals in Denver, CO. 

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Serving the Community Since 1923

When it comes to selecting a dry cleaning service, there is something to be said about experience. Our business has been working to provide consistently excellent services for almost 100 years. As one of the oldest dry cleaning establishments in the area, we have created a standard of care that will guarantee the preservation of the color, stitching, and overall fabrication of your clothing and other items. When you need to get your personal belongings in the best shape possible, be sure to reach out to the professionals who have been serving clients with a smile since the last millennium.

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A Sanitone Certified Cleaner

We are Denver’s original Sanitone® Certified Master Dry Cleaner. We were one of the first dry cleaning establishments to utilize this state-of-the-art process, and as technology has changed, we have always adapted our process to stay in line with modern innovation. As a Sanitone Certified Master Dry Cleaner, Hanneck Cleaners & Shirt Laundry will take very good care of your clothes. From suits and dresses to business casual and fine delicates, the unique Sanitone dry cleaning process has been endorsed by leading clothing manufacturers for its gentle yet thorough cleaning results.

Member Of:

  • International Fabricare Institute
  • International Dry Cleaning Congress
  • Rocky Mountain Fabricare Association

Focused on Superior Customer Service

For us, our loyal customers have always been the lifeblood of our business. When you drop off your items to us, you will be guided through the process by one of our professional and courteous customer service representatives. We will process your order, provide you with a pickup time, and inform you when your items are ready. To ensure that your dry cleaning never breaks the bank, we offer customized billing that can be completed as one lump sum payment or installments over weeks or months. Whether you’re bringing in leather items or a basic work shirt, our team has a unique and intimate knowledge of a diverse array of fabrics and their care requirements.

Work With Us Today!

If you’re searching for a dry cleaning service that will provide you with results that you can always count on, come and visit us at Hanneck Cleaners & Shirt Laundry. You can give us a call today to learn more about the full range of services that we provide.

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